Wedding Loan: Realize Your Dream

If you dream of the ideal marriage, but the money to marry is lacking, know that there are alternatives to make it a reality. Learn the story of Milton, who contracted a wedding loan and thus achieved the dream come true.

Guest list, venue, food and drink, photographer, DJs, decor, wedding dress, groom’s suit and tie, honeymoon. The list seems endless to make the ideal marriage, doesn’t it? And as much as you save penny to penny, there’s no way: you will shell out a considerable amount to make your wedding party .

Milton Johaness dos Santos opted for secured property credit to make the dream wedding a reality. The financial planning for the wedding goes well , everything going as imagined by Milton and his future wife. But to give the budget a little help , he chose the best credit option: secured mortgage has the lowest interest rates and extended repayment terms. Thus, Milton will commit less of your monthly income to repay the loan .

After going to other financial institutions, he met Ncredi and decided to run a simulation .

“I made the first contact, was very well received and well attended. The process went well, they were asking for the documents, I was providing and it all worked out. ”


Personalized service

money loan

Going to a traditional bank for any type of transaction is often an unpleasant experience, especially because of the lack of concern for specific customer situations. At Ncredi, Milton received all the necessary attention throughout the process of contracting his wedding loan.

“Ncredi gave me more attention. Other companies don’t pay much attention. That’s why people should go to other companies. ”

Plus, the ease of hiring online saves a lot of time – which is very important for those who need to see so many details to make the wedding happen. After all, why depend on bank branch hours and have to face long lines if you can do it easier and faster?



Being present in customers’ dreams

Being present in customers

“I have no words. It was a very attentive staff, everyone treated me very well, they served me very well. The consultant who attended me was very attentive, took all my doubts. Ncredi helped me a lot. ”

This is what Milton talks about the importance of Ncredi in achieving the dream of marriage . He not only hired a smart credit option: he managed to realize a dream .

Is that you? What’s your dream? We help you with the smarter loan alternative. Make a simulation here.