Borrow flexibly 500 – 50.000 USD

Quick Loan Bank is a bank established in Norway and operating in Finland since 2018. They provide unsecured loans of USD 500-50,000.

When repaying a loan, it is up to the customer to decide whether they want a flexible or fixed repayment. Their loan product is suitable for a variety of financing, whether your needs are small or large.

A bank loan is also very useful when it comes to combining loans . There is no point in paying multiple duplicate interest rates and costs when you can apply for multiple bank loans at one application.

Combining loans is risk-free and you can request quotes through our service for free. You will quickly see how much you could save on interest and expenses each month. If for some reason you do not get a good enough offer, you can reject all the offers you receive and it will not cost you any money.

Quick Loan Bank information in brief:

Quick Loan Bank information in brief:

  • Bank loan online 500 – 50.000 euros
  • Choose either fixed or flexible payment terms yourself
  • The loan has an age limit of 23 years
  • You can apply for a loan for any purpose
  • You can get a loan without collateral and guarantors
  • Quick Loan Bank’s loan is also ideal for combining loans
  • Ask for free loan deals, you will get a loan decision almost immediately
  • We compete for up to 30 banks and lenders for you for free
  • Ex. USD 10,000, 10 years, 120 installments, annual interest rate 15,39%, nominal interest rate 13,49%, costs: USD 8,975 and total: USD 18,975.
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To whom can Quick Loan Bank grant a loan?

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Quick Loan Bank may grant a loan to an applicant who has:

  • Age at least 23 years
  • Clear credit history
  • Finnish citizenship
  • Regular salary or pension income
  • Sufficient ability to pay
  • Personal Online Banking Numbers
  • Finnish bank account

Once the applicant meets the above requirements, Quick Loan Bank will consider the application. They then make an overall assessment on the basis of the information provided by the applicant and, based on that assessment, decide whether they can grant the loan.

When you bid for your loan through our service, you will reach about 30 other lenders in addition to Quick Loan Bank. So your chances of getting a loan are greatly improved and it is easier for you to compare loan offers. Comparing loan providers will help you find the best possible loan for any need.

Repayment of the loan


Quick Loan Bank offers its customers a choice of flexible or fixed payment terms. You will always find the exact loan repayment details of the loan offer you have received. In the offer you will also find other important information and terms regarding the loan.

Keep in mind, however, that loan providers’ payment plans may vary, so it is important to check how the loan will be repaid before accepting any offers.

If you would like to negotiate a loan repayment in the future, always contact the customer service provider of the loan provider that issued the loan.

With them, you can agree to modify your payment plan and, for example, in the event of a payment disruption, it makes sense to avoid unnecessary costs if you fail to pay your bills.