Finance Good Ideas With Crowdfunding

  Everyone has heard about the Brit trying to raise enough money from European citizens with crowdfunding to save Greece. The technology always comes down to engaging a lot of people to finance a company or project with small amounts. Hence the English term “crowd”, which means as much as mass or crowd. Even Barack […]

Financial Infidelity

The financial field of our lives has an unusual ability to interfere with everyone else. Money is a source of disturbance in the professional, social, family and even psychological area. So when we talk about couple money, the difficulties in dealing with this issue seem to multiply. To ensure that you have a stable family […]

Are You Saving As Well As the Average Belgian?

If there is one thing that is mapped out annually, then it is our saving behavior. Where such studies in many cases yield few striking results, this year is different. We save more every month than last year. Even more: the number of Belgians who put aside 500 euros or more each month has risen […]

Loans – Facts and price comparison for those who want to borrow USD 1,000.

Here we go through what applies to those who want to borrow USD 1,000. You can then, for example, find links and a simple price comparison to a number of lenders who offer this kind of loan to their customers. The first thing to realize when it comes to loans of USD 1,000 is that […]

Borrowing money and collateral in the form of real estate or similar – Loans

Obtaining money in the bank is of course considerably easier if you have real estate to turn the table with. Another thing is that this can affect what interest rate you can get and the bank’s willingness to lend you money at all. The ones it looks for are some kind of security that you […]